#KanduLive 2020

Kandu is evolving. As a network conceived for mutual support and to offer our clients and customers trusted and high calibre recommendations, we’re now collaborating to bring you more interactive events – something that’s more about what we’ve learned through life, work and disability, more about communities and a growth mindset.

2020 presented us with an opportunity for challenge, reflection and change. At our first Zoom meeting, the conversation moved from the agenda to stories about our customers and clients. What challenges might they be facing – many spending long months shielding?

The human side of our work appeared closer and even more important. Our businesses cover a diverse range of conditions, lifestyles, confidence and experience. 

Thus were the seeds sown for #KanduLive. We began in November with three 75 minute livestream events on Facebook. These were recorded – you can view them here – and were around Making The Most of Now: seeing how we could benefit from our circles during lockdown and what this looked like for different people. They were lively chats in three key areas: wellbeing, housing and accessing the outdoors. We considered those with new injuries, navigating early stages of trauma, to those who’ve lived with disability for a long time. We shared stories and experiences, and signposted to other helpful organisations. 

The events hinged on the technical wizardry of Ben Clarke at Adapt to Perform bringing us together, and transitioning between conversation and pre-recorded sections. 

This is a healthy alternative to events such as Naidex. Don’t get me wrong, they have their place and uses. Though if you’ve been to one of these events will know the exhaustion of wandering around, being talked at and sold to. #KanduLive was energising because it was interactive. We were grateful for the feedback given which has generated more ideas for us to follow up. We want to meet you at whatever stage you’re at and bring you along with us, and learn more from you. It’s a two-way process. 

Next year you’ll see more from us, through relevant and seasonal events. If there’s anything you want us to focus on, please get in touch and be involved. We’ll be kicking off with something for those Health focussed, New Year Resolutions…. Watch this space!!