Kandu Group – ethical, reputable businesses, charities and services working together

The Kandu Group was launched by several like-minded organisations and formed a business network group – Kandu.  

The Kandu Group is a collection of companies that work in the disability sector. We aim to support each other with business activities and cross-promotion. The group meets regularly to offer advice and knowledge about all areas of running a business in the disability market. Many members of the group have a disability and others have experience of living with someone with a disability. 

The group aims to do business in the care and mobility sector in an ethical, moral and friendly way. The group are a diverse group of companies selling both products and services – together we offer our customers the benefits of a wide range of innovative problem-solving products and services.

Between us, Kandu offer many products and services including:

  • Access Adventures: providing sport & outdoor adventures
  • Accessible PRS: property consultancy specialising in accessible design
  • Active Hands: gripping aids for people with limited dexterity
  • Disability Horizons: online disability lifestyle publication
  • Freedom Wheelchair Skills: teaching everyday skills & techniques
  • GD Cooper Architectural Services: work with disabled clients 
  • Loopwheels: Vibration reducing wheelchair wheels
  • Mountain Trike: all terrain wheelchair products
  • Spokz: Disability sports accessories, lifestyle equipment & wellbeing
  • Spokz People: Provide therapist with knowledge and experience

The Kandu group is peer approved, so you know they can be trusted.  All of the companies have personal experience with disabilities, so they don’t just work it, they live it!

For more information please about the Kandu Group and each of the companies involved, visit the Kandu website:

The Kandu Group