XAC tray and switch mount

What are the options for using a trabasack as a tray or mount for your Xbox Adaptive Controller?

The XAC is not handheld so you need a comfortable and secure tray for using it on your lap. Who wants a ‘granny laptray’ with the coolest new controller on the market, so what you need is a trabasack as your XAC tray. Even if your set up uses the XAC as a ‘junction box’ away from your body you may need switches and joysticks close at hand and that is also easy with a trabasack.

Trabasack as an XAC tray and switch mount

Zach Anner plays a video game in a spacious American lounge, using a Trabasack Curve Connect lapdesk and accessible gaming accessories

Close-up – Zach Anner playing video games using the Trabasack Curve Connect with the Microsoft XAC accessible controller

Trabasacks are a unique bag and tray in one that make a perfect accessory for enjoying your XAC. Using a trabasack you can comfortably hold the xac on your lap. You can also use it for mounting buttons, switches or joysticks in conjunction with the XAC. The trabasack also has straps that will hold the tray comfortably on your lap, either by attaching it to your chair or around your waist. All trabasacks have a bag space for holding your accessories or anything you want close at hand whilst gaming. They also have a bean bag base for comfort and leveling on your lap.


You can see Zach Anner using a blue  trabasack curve connect  on his lap in the Xbox xac promotional video.

There are several types of trabasack and in this post I will show you the options:

We will start with the one Zach is using, the Curve Connect:


The Curve Connect has a curved shape that hugs your waist and a velcro receptive surface that you can secure the XAC or add switches or a joystick to. They come in red, blue or orange trims and have two sets of straps. Short ones for securing the tray to armrests or long ones for putting around your waist or the back of a chair (like a bumbag/Fanny pack).

To buy one of for more details click hereClose up view of a Trabasack Curve Connect upon Zach Anner's lap, with a XAC, Buddy Buttons and Joystick

An alternative to the Curve Connect is the Curve. It is the same shape and size but instead of a fabric velcro ready surface it has faux-leather vinyl surface and is available in all black or with a purple trim (pictured).

Trabasack Curve with purple trim, showing the firm tray vinyl surface

All trabasacks also have a bag space that you can use to store gaming accessories or the xac itself.

Click here for specs or to purchase a trabasack curve


The smallest trabasacks are the Mini and Mini Connect. It comes with two long straps and either a vinyl surface (Mini) or a velcro receptive tray surface (Mini Connect) for placing the XAC on your lap.


Trabasack a bag and mount for the xac, shown in black as a small black bag with grab handles and double ring pull zips

Trabasack Mini is about the size of an A4 pad or notebook

XAC Tray: An xbox adaptive controller on a trabasack mini lap tray with a velcro ready surface.

A trabasack Mini Connect with an XAC showing scale


The largest trabasack is the Max:


A large trabasack laptray and bag shown in black with a laptop on it's tray surface but it could easily fit an XAC on the tray surface

Shown with a laptop but there is plenty of room to use it as an XAC tray


Image shows the Trabasack Max opened-up with red satin lining

Interior lined with luxury red satin, with document wallets, pockets and more

It has a considerably bigger tray surface and with more space to hold your kit and for your controllers. Like all trabasacks it comes with straps, a bean bag base and a purpose designed tray surface for using on your lap. This is the smartest and most luxurious XAC tray you will find!

More details are here

What else might you need from us?

Another accessory you may find useful for securing controllers or joysticks or for using as a wrist support whilst gaming is the Media Mount. The Media Mount is a bean bag sack noodle that can be stuck to itself or and used to aid mounting.

A trabasack mount for the xac holding a controller with media mount

A trabasack Media Mount holding a controller on a blue curve connect. Image from the One Switch blog.

A Trabasack Media Mount holding a small microphone on a trabasack curve connect tray

The Media Mount sticks to itself and can twist around switches and controllers giving them height or changing the angle at which they can be used.

More info about the Media Mount is here. The Media Mount will only stick to the Trabasack Connect models or any other velcro ready surface.

Trabasack Hook Tape

We also sell 120 cm lengths of hook tape (like the rough velcro tape) that will stick to your XAC or switches to attach them to your trabasack connect surface. So pop a pack in your basket.


If you have any questions about using the trabasack with an XAC please contact us and I will do my best to help.

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