The Kandu Group is a network of companies that share the same ethos and push hard to create practical changes. We work because we are user-led. Our products and services are come from our personal experiences of disability and have won many awards.

The Kandu Group is comprised of the following companies (click on the logo to find out more):


Trabasack logo

A handy bag and with a built-in tray. Trabasack is the smart solution to eating and drinking on the move. Lightweight yet stable and easy to use. Award winning ergonomic design.



Active Hands make a range of gripping aids to enable those with hand function       weakness to get a firm grip on objects. Neoprene lined for comfort, the aids help you to get fit in the gym, hold tools and utensils in the garden and kitchen, ride bikes or Trikes and much more.



The Mountain Trike Company design and manufacture all terrain wheelchairs which allow users to travel over various terrain such as mud, sand, grass and even snow.  The range of off-road wheelchairs offer riders the opportunity to explore the countryside in comfort, safety and style and the unique lever drive system leaves the user with clean dry hands.  Take yourself further.



Here at Spokz we provide disability sports accessories, lifestyle equipment and wellbeing services. We have a large range of spares and accessories from tyres and inner tubes to the Freewheel and off-road wheelchair packs. Our aim is to provide exciting, innovative products and make them available to all.


spokz people

Spokz People CIC support adults with physical disabilities and their families through 1-2-1 and group support, workshops and online support. All our therapists are qualified, trained in disability issues and have personal experience of disability.



Version 22 is a multi-award-winning design studio launched by Simon Lyons in 2013. The company’s second product, Nimble, is the world’s first safe one-finger cutting tool. It takes the pain out of accessing awkward packaging and can even help with wrapping presents and opening the post too!


Freedom Wheelchair

Freedom Wheelchair Skills provides peer-led teaching of everyday skills and techniques to get the most out of life while using a wheelchair. We teach people how to become more confident and less dependent on others and to show people how to overcome everyday environmental challenges.


Molten Rock


Molten Rock manufacture and retail the electrically powered Boma7 All Terrain Wheelchair all from their workshops in Milton Keynes. Boma was designed by wheelchair users to be easy to access and as capable off-road as possible. Demonstrations are available across the UK.