The Approaching Admission Date

The approaching admission date is creeping up on me. I am confident that the procedure will go ahead without complication. However, I do have a black cloud lingering over the thought of being in hospital for a couple of weeks, missing all the comfort that family life brings. The joys of fun and laughter with mouth-watering home-cooked meals, a comfortable night sleeping without any disturbance, being able to bathe at a leisurely pace using the home facilities. Oh, and having a cup of tea, when I want one, and made as I like, by myself. 

Pre-Op assessent before admission

I saw the anaesthetist last week in my pre-Op assessment for my fourth Baclofen pump replacement operation. In preperation of the approaching admission date. This is the first time I’ve had a pre-op assessment. It felt reassuring that the procedures were in place to make things run smoothly. To keep everyone safe and me alive!

At the assessment, the Nurse in attendance, who I know reasonably well, said that I was to try and avoid contact with people now, just in case I catch COVID. If I did, then the Op might be compromised. But we have a wedding reception at the weekend. My wife’s manager got married in one of the lockdowns eases last year. Her wedding guest list got shorter and shorter due to Government restrictions. Now restrictions have eased a little, and the reception went ahead this weekend. The evening bash invitation came through for us, and we hit the road.

A quick trip to Salisbury

As we are getting ready to leave the house, I’m finding an exciting podcast for the journey. With the suitcase closed, it’s time to go. Then my wife announces we might spend any spare time in Salisbury. She wanted to look for some shoes. Not for me, but ones that might go with her dress. So we head to Sailsbury to find our hotel but with a pit stop in the City.

We have visited the beautiful Cathedral in this medieval City before, and I enjoyed wandering through the narrow streets leading to the Grand Market Square. I think one of the behest buildings on this square is a Lloyds bank. Another is the cinema, located in a building which frontage dons ancient architecture. Sitting outside a particular shoe shop, people watching and observing these solid, stone and wooden constructions that have withstood the battering of nature through time. And witnessed historical changes.

I got wet wheeling through the market
Old streets in Salisbury

Medievil Buildings

To touch on history

There was unrest in the 1644 civil war between the king and parliament. For two years, Salisbury escaped the fighting, but in October 1644, a royalist army occupied the town. In December the same year, a parliamentary army attacked Salisbury and quickly defeated the royalists, taking many prisoners.

However, in January 1645, another royalist army attacked Salisbury. They drove out the parliamentary troops. Salisbury remained in royalist’s hands until January 1646. The king was losing the war as his troops were needed elsewhere; he withdrew them from Salisbury. 

I can only imagine the destruction these buildings may have witnessed during these times. 

A quick bit to eat

Tinga Mexican Restaurant

After savouring the mouth-watering Mexican food at Tinga and head to our hotel. It’s raining and has been like this since we left home. Not expecting to be trooping around the shop’s, shoe shopping, I am a little unprepared for the persistent downpour I am wheeling through. My gloves and jeans are sodden. I wish I had my raindek

The hotel is just on the outskirts of the City, and it’s a short trip in a taxi to the reception. The taxi driver pulls into a long drive surrounded by fields and countryside. I wouldn’t want to put the bins out here!

The reception

We pull up to the venue and make our way in; I am slightly anxious; the Nurse at my pre-Op said to avoid contact with people. I need to keep COVID free! Before attending the celebrational bash, all guests were asked to a lateral flow test, as did we.

The reception was a hit. My wife said most of the guests would have military backgrounds or be into horses. I got chatting to the bride’s father, who tells me he is a retired Pilot and saw active service in Bosnia. The live band playing are Deloreans. They played two sets. Every song went straight into the next – I was impressed. We had a bit of a boogie, and it was time to say goodnight. 

Homeward bound

The drive home was a lot more pleasant than the drive there through the torrential rain. The sun is shining, and the roads are reasonably clear. My son comes home from staying over at Granny and Grandpa’s with another completed Lego Techniques – it’s a cool off-road jeep thing!

Now we are home, the approaching admission date feels to be forcing it’s self closer, faster, quicker. I need to prepare myself, mentaly and physically.

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