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Some of the most encouraging feedback we receive at Active Hands is from families who have found a way to unlock a new activity or part of daily living for their child with reduced hand function. Children are fantastic innovators when it comes to finding ways around their hand function disabilities. With the right tools behind them, they can achieve great things! After a year when children have had to adapt and innovate even more than normal, we thought it was a great time to showcase some of the superstars that have shared their stories with us.

Children who are budding sports stars

Fiona was born with missing fingers on her right hand. A keen gymnast and dancer, Fiona’s natural flexibility and “bouncy personality” suit the sports perfectly! Keen to fully access all of the equipment and to strengthen both sides of her body, Fiona’s mum went looking for a gripping solution. Through the Lucky Fin Project, she discovered the Limb Difference Aid. They were thrilled with how it enabled Fiona to access the asymmetric bars.

Alyssa-Leigh has a Limb Difference in her right hand. She has been desperate to take part in her cheerleading team alongside her friends. With a little help from our Limb Difference Aid, she is now loving being a part of the cheer team. Her gripping aid means she can keep a firm hold on her pom poms!

Several families have been enjoying time on the water together. Here, Zoey uses her Limb Difference Aid to keep hold of the paddle for her kayak. A super way to stay fit and to have fun as a whole family, kayaking and paddle boarding certainly seem to be growing in popularity!

Children who love getting around

So many children enjoy riding their bikes and trikes and are making the most of their independence thanks to a little support from our Mini Gripping Aid. Whether it’s a family ride around the park, or something a little more adventurous, getting on a bike seems to bring so much joy to every child!

You’d be hard pressed to find a more joyful image than this one of Maddie who is thrilled to be out exploring her local area on her trike. Enabling your child to get out and about is fantastic for the whole family. Time in nature, exercising together, can boost everyone’s well-being.

James is one of our most adventurous customers! A keen motocross rider, James uses his Limb Difference gripping aid to keep a firm hold on his handlebars. Taking part in a sport he is passionate about, alongside his peers, clearly gives James a huge amount of joy!

Children who are gaining independence at home

Being able to play, get creative and learn new skills at home is incredibly important for all children. We love seeing photos of children playing with brothers and sisters or taking on new responsibilities at home, with help from the right gripping aid.

Our EazyHold straps have proven to be incredibly versatile in their range of uses.  From holding action figures, to toothbrushes, spoons to paintbrushes… our littlest customers are already making the most of this new product!

Mary sent us this super photo of her daughter using our Food Preparation Board. With the use of just one hand, she has been able to chop and prepare foods safely. Developing her cooking skills has not only unlocked a new hobby, but helped her learn a vital life skill.

What an inspiring bunch! Their determination, focus and adaptability have led all these children – and many more – to find new hobbies and sports and to grow in confidence and independence. We can’t wait to hear what they achieve as they get older! If you’ve been encouraged or inspired by their adventures and would like to find the right gripping aids to support you or your child with reduced grip, check out our full range of products at

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